Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is your direct connection to a helpful live operator with just one quick phone call using your Verizon Prepaid Long Distance Phone Card. You can request information based on city, state, or ZIP code and let Golden Retriever go to work. Select Verizon Prepaid Phone Cards offer this service. To call Golden Retriever, just dial the access number on the back of your card, enter your PIN, and select Golden Retriever from the menu options (usually option 4). A live operator will answer up to three questions for one flat fee. Information is available for the United States only. The operator can not connect you to another phone number.

Golden Retriever information includes:

Weather Forecasts and Reports

Find out about weather conditions, high and low temperatures, and a five-day forecast.

Movie Information

Get a theater name and address, show times and dates, ratings, reviews, and pricing information.

Sports Information

Get current information and scores of all your favorite professional teams!

Time of Day

Learn the correct time for U.S. time zones.

Restaurant Listings

Ask for a restaurant by city and state, or by cuisine type. You’ll get a listing of restaurants matching your criteria, including addresses and phone numbers.

Yellow Pages

Ask for a directory search based on business name, street name, city, state, or area code, or by type of service or product.

Reverse Number Look-up

Provide the phone number and receive the name and address assigned to that number.


Get predictions for a particular day or sign of the zodiac.

Select Verizon Prepaid Long Distance Phone Cards offer Golden Retriever. Golden Retriever fees vary. To find the applicable fee, simply call Customer Service at the number located on the back of your card